Bespoke Health & Fitness Service

Disability & Illness

One of our areas of expertise is in helping people recover from illness or to safely exercise with a disability.

We’re very experienced in helping people with MS, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, EDS, Cancer treatment and the aftermath, and many other physically and mentally limiting conditions.

We often liaise with clients’ medical teams to discuss the best way that we can support them, and we have been recommended by physiotherapists, GPs and other medical professionals, who have commended our work with their patients.

Lisa is also qualified in physical rehab from injury and illness, and has helped clients with everything from recovery from major operations, to recuperation from life-threatening and life-limiting illness, sports rehab and everything in between!

We take this role very seriously indeed and will work hard to find the best exercise and/or recovery regime just for you.

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