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About Lisa

After training in Martial Arts during my teens I started my career in sports and fitness while at University. I became qualified to teach “exercise to music”, and this, along with subsequent qualifications, enabled me to teach aerobics, step, body pump and other high-intensity exercise classes. Over the years, I have added my many other qualifications, meaning that if you want to do it, I can probably teach it! 

As well as being a PT, I’m a qualified Yoga teacher and Pilates instructor, and can teach a number of dance styles.

Like Lee, I’m qualified in Sports and Exercise Nutrition and my wide-ranging training and experience means that my clients range from semi-professional runners and cyclists, to pregnant woman, to clients living with chronic illness, to people just wanting to get fitter or lose weight and tone up, and everyone in between.

I’m also a fully qualified Life Coach, which means that if my clients find that they have other obstacles in their lives that are effecting their goals, we can address those too.

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