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About Lee

I started out at the age of 12 by going to local martial arts classes, which kick-started an interest that has led me here – I’m very proud to be a Trainer of World Champion Kickboxers, a Senior MA Instructor, and an Inductee into the Black Belt Hall of Fame!

Induction to the Hall of Fame

After a successful career competing, I retired from fighting and changed direction into more teaching, including getting my referee licence, and passing on knowledge and skills to the next generations.

As a qualified PT, I don’t only work with top-level fighters and athletes – I love to use my years of experience to help everybody get fitter, stronger and healthier.  Like Lisa, I’m also qualified in Sports and Exercise Nutrition, so can take a wide view of my clients’ needs, whether they’re just starting out on their fitness journey, have particular goals in mind, or just want to have some fun training. 

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